The influence of the prosthetic abutments colour in the aesthetics of the frontal teeth. A case report.

Denisa Tabita Sabău 1, Raluca Iulia Juncar 1, Abel Emanuel Moca 1, Mihai Juncar 1
1 University of Oradea, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Department of Dental Medicine

Introduction: Prosthetic restorations in the frontal teeth, in addition to functional and prophylactic requirements, must respond in a special way to aesthetic needs. This desideratum is a challenge, especially when the support for the future prosthetic parts is not characterized by a uniformity of color. This paper wants to highlight the importance of the color of prosthetic abutments, in the case of single restorations, for the frontal teeth. Case presentation: This manuscript presents the clinical case of a patient, with different prosthetic abutments, namely: a hybrid implant abutment – titanium and zirconium (lateral incisor – 1.2), nonvital natural teeth (central incisors – 1.1 and 2.1) and a vital natural tooth (lateral incisor – 2.2). Three single ceramic crowns on zirconium were confectioned, one with implant support and the other two on dental support, and a veneer for the vital lateral incisor. Conclusions: The prosthodontist must develop the best prosthetic solution for each individual case, together with the technician, so that the aesthetic results are not negatively influenced by the different colors of the existing prosthetic abutments.