Total and partial magnetic retained overdenture. A clinical report.

Claudia Florina Bogdan-Andreescu 1, Andreea Mariana Bănățeanu 1, Oana Botoacă 1, Diana Eugenia Rădulescu 1
1 Titu Maiorescu University, Bucharest, Romania

An overdenture is a denture supported partly by soft tissues and partly by retained teeth or implants. Magnetic tooth-retained overdentures are used to increase support, retention, and stability but also prevent alveolar ridge resorption. Magnetic attachments increase the retention of partial or complete dentures regardless of the path of the insertion and, in addition, can be used for abutment teeth with periodontal disease. This paper discusses two oral rehabilitation cases with total and partial tooth-retained overdenture.
Keywords: magnetic attachment, overdenture, complete