Study about mechano-chemical gingival displacement with single-cord technique

Kinga Mária Janosi 1, Diana Cerghizan 1, Szilárd Fulop 1, Szidónia Molnar 2, Monica Baloș 1
1 George Emil Palade University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Science, and Technology of Targu Mures, Romania
2 Private Practice, Targu Mures, Romania

Introduction: Besides abutment preparation, the impression is essential in order to achieve an esthetical and functional prosthetic restoration. Proper gingival displacement and abutment finish line exposure is crucial for the proper impression technique.
The study aims are to investigate the vertical gingival displacement and if the free gingival margin returns to its original position after seven days by using a retraction cord impregnated with different chemical substances.
Materials and method: Our clinical study evaluated on digital photos the modification of the healthy, free gingival margin position on the labial surface of two upper central incisors in the same female patient during the sulcus enlargement with the mechano-chemical method.
Results: Statistically significant differences were obtained by comparing the mean values of vertical gingival displacement obtained using a non-impregnated and an impregnated retraction cord with different chemical at each time of the measurements.
Conclusion: The mechano-chemical technique is an efficient method for gingival displacement regardless the impregnating solution used.