The Link Between Noncarious Cervical Lesions (NCCL) And Gingival Recession. Etiology And Treatment. A Narrative Review

Luminița Lazăr 1, Zsigmond-Loránd Makkai 1, Timea Dakó 1, Mircea Suciu 1, Ana-Petra Lazăr 1
1 George Emil Palade University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Science, and Technology of Târgu-Mureș, Romania

Noncarious cervical lesions (NCCL) have a multifactorial etiology. The terms abfraction, abrasion, and erosion are also used to describe the same lesion. NCCLs can lead to gum recession which is one of the most frequent gingival defects. NCCLs generally also involve loss of tooth structure. Therefore, treatments should be planned and performed in an interdisciplinary manner. When NCCL is minimal, the choise to use simple direct restorations is the main therapeutic option. If it is serious, microsurgical treatment or, more precisely, interdisciplinary treatment might be necessary. Root coverage by microsurgical methods is the most challenging esthetic procedure. There are many techniques available of which we must always choose the method that can ensure and control root coverage in the long term.