Comparative aspects in manufacturing the metal framework of RPD. Case management

Sorana Baciu 1, Sandru Dan 2, Robert Kadar 3, Alexandru Grecu 1, Marius Manole 1, Ondine Lucaciu 1
1 Faculty of Dental Medicine, Iuliu Hațieganu University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2 Sandru Dan Dental Laboratory, Turda, Romania
3 Robert Kadar Dental Laboratory, Turda, Romania

Removable partial dentures are rarely used due to their complexity and difficult specific clinical and lab steps in the treatment of the patient with class I and II Kennedy edentulism. In the present study through two clinical cases, it was shown that both the clinical and lab steps and the manufacturing cost of these types of prosthetic reconstructions could be reduced. For this purpose, new techniques in manufacturing the wax pattern of the removable part of the RPD have been developed in order to facilitate the lab steps and to gain time. This technique is easier, less time consuming and cheaper than classical techniques, and probably equal in term of precision than other more recent techniques.